The origins of our custom tours of Spain and the South Olé team

South Olé is a family business run by Jorge Villamizar and Emily Matthews that provides private tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We actually created the idea for it on a napkin at a café in Málaga during our time in college. The South Olé team is a group of guides and drivers that we have carefully selected for their expertise, flexibility, and people skills.

It would take years of experience in the Spanish service and tourism industries and our own travel in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, for us to realize that there was a need to show visitors this area’s rich history and culture in a personalized, familiar way. We began in Southern Spain and worked our way north to Madrid and Barcelona, striving to create quality vacations and avoiding typical obstacles to travelers such as transportation, language, currency, etc. Now we cover all of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Having to deal with the logistics of putting a trip together by yourself diminishes the enjoyment of your free time, which nowadays is not something to be wasted!

The integral experience of a South Olé tour in Spain, Portugal and Morocco begins as soon as the traveler sets foot on Portuguese, Moroccan or Spanish soil. We work only with licensed local guides that act a as liaisons between the tour group and Spanish culture, comfortable transportation, clean and safe lodging, quality local food and visits to the most interesting cities in the region. All of this is included in an organized tour package with great value.

We like to get to know our clients beforehand to specialize the tour towards their tastes. On the tour, our guides tell stories and legends, not just dates and architectural aspects. Each guide speaks several major European languages and is very familiar with the cities and Spanish culture.

At the end of your tour through Spain we would love to hear from you. Encourage South Olé to continue providing friendly, quality routes through Spain, Portugal and Morocco!

About us personally: Jorge is a Venezuelan with family roots in Granada from before the Spanish Civil War. We’ve had fun comparing notes with his 90 year-old grandmother about life in the 30’s. We’ve been to visit her native town, as well as his grandfather’s.

Emily: a Tarheel whose family moved to Sevilla when she was a teenager. She fell in love with Spain first and Jorge second. Our passions are to travel Spain together, go sailing, Ribera wines and great tapas!

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